The Science Behind Your Response to Stress.

If you want to...

  • become less triggered by others
  • feel more present and focused in your work
  • experience joy, calm and peace with greater frequency and intensity..

I invite you to learn about your nervous system and the way your body functions!

Check out the video below: The Science Behind Your Stress. Here we explore how your nervous system is set up physiologically and hormonally. We dive deep into your fight/flight/freeze response, versus your rest/digest responses. We give examples of how this relates to your life and how re-wiring is possible.

The Science Behind Your Stress!

Experience and Explore your Mind-Body Connection Here!


Body Wise Insights is here to support you in learning how to communicate with your body.

So you can... 

  • Catch yourself, before you over-react with your kids or partner, at work, or in unexpected and overwhelming situations.
  • Be more enganged at work, and present with your loved ones at home.
  • Feel more calm and peaceful internally, even in unexpected situations.
  • Feel more empowered to handle your overwhelming emotions and thoughts.