Body Wise Insights

Unwinding your Stress Response!

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Feeling Your Emotions with Grace and Ease!

Day 1: What emotion would you like to explore and unravel?

Day 2: Tools to slow down the intense emotions.

Day 3: You notice the body sensations with your chosen emotion.

Day 4: You practice following the body when you are in that emotion.

Master Your Monkey Mind

Day 1: building awareness around your thought patterns. Naming them and noticing the themes behind the thought patterns that keep disrupting your peace and calm.

Day 2: you get to reflect on what you noticed about your thought patterns and you get to explore one of the themes that you picked up on for yourself.

Day 3: Today you build your ability to observe the pleasant thought patterns that already exist within you and expand on it further.

Day 4: today you reflect on the pleasant thoughts that you were able to notice and cultivate over the last week. Then you move into the body and explore and build on them even further.

Your Mini Mental Break!

Slowing down: Today you practice slowing down! You can take a little time to notice the amount of charge or activity in your body. At the end of the video there is a lovely little exercise I invite you to try, to expand on your slowing down experience.

Your Mini Mental Break!

Explore nature: today we get outside and slow our minds down to a crawl by exploring winter. All the sights, sounds and sensations.

Your Mini Mental Break!

Explore a Sensation: Today we ease into the body and notice a sensation you are naturally drawn to and we explore it.

Your Mini Mental Break!

Explore Freedom: Today is all about exploring freedom and how that feels within your body.

Your Mini Mental Break!

Explore Self-Care: Today you are invited to choose a self-care strategy that fills you up and you get to explore the body's response. By doing this we encourage the parasympathetic state.

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