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There is a pulse toward healing in all of us:

  • it is the URGE to improve your SELF 
  • it is the PULL to take CARE and meet your NEEDS 
  • it is the FIGHT so that your NEEDS get met 
  • it is that PUSH to want to go to bed earlier, eat cleaner, or move your body more.  

Here at Body Wise Insights we want to support your body’s return to wellness, by providing you with information on your nervous system. This information can guide you toward change. It can provide you with the insight and the tools necessary to do something about your stuck stress responses, allowing you to move into more connection with:

  • your body
  • yourself 
  • your loved ones  
  • and your community

Disease and dysfunction, pain and suffering are signals from your body that it is having to compensate for a stressor of some kind; diet, lifestyle habit, past trauma or hurt, or even just the level of busyness in your life. It is likely a combination of some, or all, of these things, layered on over the years, that contribute to the dis-ease and dysfunction.

As we move from STRESSED, toward REST and DIGEST, the body will organically repair and heal. We need to grow the ability to do this. We need to sort out the fight, flight and freeze responses that have been locked in our bodies over and over again.

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