• Start to move through your triggers and process them from the bottom up (body to mind) vs. trying to force things to look or feel different from the top down (mind to body).
  • Begin your journey toward less suffering (physical, mental, emotional).
  • Feel more connected to your own body, to your loved ones, and more focused and productive in the work you do.

30 Day Re-Wire Your Stress Online Program.

You know it's time for a change!

You are done with the roller-coaster ride of physical and emotional triggers. You want to understand what your body is trying to communicate with you.

You want to learn how to process your stress, so it no longer has to stay with you.

If this feels true for you, then you can start your journey here today.

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30-day online program

Instructional videos, guided audios and worksheets that take you on a step by step journey into your body. They teach you new tools on how to process your stress through the body.

Access to a private online community

In the form of a Facebook group, where we can grow, heal and transform together.


Week 1: Build Body Awareness  

We work on: 

  • Building awareness of sensations. 
  • Building awareness of your response to stress, or threat, and your response to rest and digest. This is done by observing and tracking thoughts, emotions, sensations, images and body movements. 

Week 2: Track Your Body's Story  

We learn about:  

  • Track your bodily sensations and learn about them.  
  • How to ride your waves of activation, how to build your ability to deactivate your stress response and encourage your BODY’S own healing response. 
  • You’ll learn tools, and practice ways to work with the charge of the fight, flight and freeze responses by being with your sensations, emotions, images, body impulses and thoughts.

Week 3: Build Internal Resources  

We work on:  

  • Growing your ability to track your sensations and noticing your body as you move into your relaxation response. Slowly growing your ability to tolerate the challenging stuff, because you feel more empowered and trust your body’s organic healing response. 
  • Learning more about your waves of activation, and deepening the experience of deactivation and calm.  

Week 4: Being The Observer  

Where we learn:  

  • Deep work on observing your triggers and learning how to slow down, so that your nervous system can have an opportunity to process and repair. 
  • How your body shifts and releases as you move into the rest, digest, heal and bond state.  
  • To notice the change your system has already experienced, since the beginning of the program, and to learn more about your nervous system’s unique expression.